2015 Annual Dinner Recap/Gallery

28th Annual Dinner Meeting – Our guests of honor for the event were DEREK JETER, New York Yankee baseball legend, and Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and baseball aficionado, GEORGE WILL.  The evening was a great success as we hosted 2000 business and community leaders, supported by 128 W. Michigan corporate sponsors.  Members and guests gathered to hear a candid conversation led by George Will as he asked Derek Jeter about his legendary sports career, his leadership style as team captain for over 15 years, his philanthropy through his family foundation Turn 2, and how his mid-West, specifically Michigan roots, influenced his choices and life style making him a true role-model for so many.  The invitation to Derek Jeter and George Will for this event continues our tradition of hosting true leaders with far reaching influence – ranging from world, political, business and thought leaders – to leadership and example of a sports figure.

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