Notable Past Speakers

Alan Greenspan
Chairman on the Board of Governors
Federal Reserve System
Alexander M. Haig, Jr.
Former General and Secretary of State
Alfred A. Piergallini
Gerber Products Company
Ambassador Paul Bremmer
Former Presidential Envoy to Iraq
Ann McLaughlin
Secretary of Labor
U.S. Department of Labor
Benazir Bhutto
Former Prime Minister of Pakistan
Bob Beckel / Cal Thomas
USA's Today's
"Common Ground" Column
Bob Woodward
Pulitzer Prize-winning Author and Columnist
Brian Walker
Chief Executive Officer
Herman Miller, Inc.
C.K. Prahalad
University of Michigan
Carlos Guttierez
Chairman & CEO
Kellogg Company
Catherine Crier
Legal Journalist
Court TV Anchor
Charles Krauthammer
Pulitzer Prize Winning Syndicated Columnist
Political Commentator
Chris Illitch
Illitich Holdings
Chris Wallace
FOX News Sunday
Christie Todd Whitman
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Clarence Page
Pulitzer-prize winner for commentary
Clarence Thomas
U.S. Court of Appeals
Cokie Roberts
ABC News Analyst, Co-anchor and author
ABC News
Daniel Pink
Author, Thought Leader
David Broder
Political Analyst
David Brooks
New York Times
David C. Leestma
Commander, U.S. Navy
NASA Astronaut
David R. Whitwam
Whirlpool Corporation
David Roderick
Chairman and CEO
U.S. Steel Corp.
Debbie Stabenow
U.S. Senator
Diane Swonk
Chief Economist / Senior Vice President
Bank One
Dick Cheney
Former Vice President
United States
Donald Rumsfeld
Former White House Chief of Staff &
Secretary of Defense
Doug DeVos
Dr. Bob Arnot
Special Foreign Correspondent
Dr. Gilbert Joseph White
Dean of the Graduate School
Business Administration, University of Michigan
Dr. H. James Williams
Seidman College of Business
Grand Valley State Univesity
Dr. Henry Kissinger
Former Secretary of State
United States
Dr. Paul McCracken
Edmund Ezra Day Professor
Business Administration, University of Michigan
Dr. Steven Levitt
Economist, Professor and Best-selling Author
Edsel Ford
Board DIrector
Ford Motor Company
F. Danforth Quayle
Vice President of the U.S.
Frank Abagnale
Author, Lecturer and Consultant “Catch Me If You Can”
Frank Lutz
American Political Consultant
Frank Popoff
Dow Chemical
Frederik G.H. Meijer
Chairman of the Board
Meijer, Inc.
Gail Buckner
Vice President
Putnam Investments
General H. Norman Schwarzkopf
U.S. Army, Retired
General Hugh Shelton
Former Chairman Joint Chief’s of Staff
(Former Bush and Clinton Administrations)
George Schaefer
Fifth Third Bank
Gerald Johanneson
President & COO
Haworth, Inc.
Hamilton Jordan
Former White House
Chief of Staff
Indra Nooyi
J.C. Watts
Former U.S. Representative
James Bradley
Author “Flags of our Fathers” and “Fly Boys”
James P. Hackett
President & CEO
Steelcase, Inc.
Jane Bryant Quinn
Financial Author, Columnist
Jane Garvey
Federal Aviation Administration
Jay Van Andel
Chairman of the Board
Amway Corporation
John Dasburg
Northwest Airlines
John Hockenberry
 Dateline NBC
Josh Linkner
ePrize Founder
Best-selling Author
Juan Enriquez
Author, Chairman & CEO
Juan Williams
Political Analyist
Fox News
Kevin Colleran
L. William Seidman
Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
Lou Anna K. Simon
Michigan State University
Louis A. Weil, III
Time, Inc.
Lynn Martin
Former Secretary of Labor
Malcolm S. Forbes, Jr.
President & CEO
Forbes, Inc.
Marsha Evans
President & CEO
American Red Cross
Martha Seger, Governor
Federal Reserve System
Board of Governors
Mary Robinson
Former President of Ireland
UN Commissioner of Human Rights
Mary Sue Coleman
University of Michigan
Max DePree
Herman Miller, Inc.
Mitch Albom
Best-selling author
Owen Bieber
United Auto Workers
Paul H. O’Neill
Secretary of the Treasury
Paul Hense, CPA
Founder & Director
Money Talks
Peter Hoekstra
U.S. Congressman
Richard Burton
Expedia and Zillow
Richard E. Whitmer
Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Michigan
Richard M. DeVos
Amway Corporation
Richard Notebaert
Chairman & CEO
Rick Snyder
State of Michigan
Robert Eaton
Chrysler Corp.
Robert J. Schultz
Vice Chairman
General Motors Corporation
Robert Stempel
Chair & CEO
Energy Conversion Devices, Inc
Sir Roger Hurn
Chairman & CEO
Smiths Industries
Sterling Speirn
President & CEO
W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Steve Gunderson
President & CEO
Council of Foundations
Stuart Eizenstat
Former Deputy Secretary of the US Treasury
The Honorable Carl Levin
U.S. Senate
The Honorable Dick Cheney
Vice President of the United States
The Honorable Dick Thornburgh
U.S. Attorney General
The Honorable Gerald R. Ford
Former President of the United States
The Honorable Peter F. Secchia
U.S. Ambassador to Italy
Tim O’Donovan
President & CEO
Wolverine World Wide, Inc.
Tom Chappell
Co-Founder & CEO
Tom’s of Maine
Tom Gardner
The Motley Fool
Tom Izzo
Head Coach
MSU Basketball
Tommy Lasorda
Sr. V.P. and Special Assistant to the Chairman
Dodger Organization
Tony Hsieh
Vern Ehlers
U.S. Representative
William H. Gray, III
United Negro College Fund
William T. McCormick, Jr.
Consumers Power Co.
William U. Parfet
The Upjohn Company